La Brisa Ice Cream

Giving the best flavor


Since 1982, Mr. Flores has hand selected ingredients to ensure that only the

freshest, ripest and the best quality, as well as safe to eat food are used in our

products. Unlike other fruit bars, our products are made with real fruits. In 34

years we have developed expertise in all segments of the Retail and Emerging



At La Brisa Ice Cream we’re committed to our customers’ success and have a

reputation for doing whatever it takes to meet and exceed their needs. We’ve

always been delivering excellence to our customers since day one.


Our Family is passionate about offering a collection of healthy, great tasting, Fruit

and Ice cream Bars packed with nutrients and preservative free.


All our fruits used in our Ice cream and Fruit Bars are harvested at their peak of

freshness and are thoroughly washed before processing. La Brisa Ice Cream is

committed to using responsible sustainable agriculture and good manufacturing

practices (GMP’s) for everything we processes.


Taste the natural goodness in every bite.